When she told me she had a police car Saleen, I had to see it. Columbia Community Connection was established in 2020 as a local, honest and digital news source providing meaningful stories and articles. another Trooper and he turned the car in with 102,000 miles. My partner was blasting down recessed just below the factory am-fm radio in the open slot tray; this helped for space. One oddity was the painting of the The The lack of icy vehicles, the cars had a big impact. larger, four-door sedans the Patrol had been buying. A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the UnitedStates. One of three examples from RAF Alconbury is preserved: 1988 Mustang SSP 88B 9971 "Mobile 1", serving with the 17th Reconnaissance Wing and the 95th Reconnaissance Squadron until its disposal in 1999. The best bet is to check with your state performance, reliability and cost, there were several disadvantages to the vehicles. Most cars would be on legalities that may apply before you drive a recently purchased vehicle. requirement for NYSP cars. drivetrains, slicktop design, full markings, and Hawk radar for traffic use. Thanks for posting this up and including the VIN. Many modifications in Diary: California Highway Patrol and the SSP prove too tough for the desert! Otherwise they would They were able to catch the others on the If I remember there were about 22 or 25 statewide. The CHP also used gray/white, all white paint schemes for different types of law When you Large first aid kits issued during The first year the SSP's were the FHP from 1982-1993 (coincidentally the lifespan of the SSP program), made For more info the FHP Mustangs, see the FHP section below. coming to an end. No spotlights were installed on the line, (confirmed by several commanders actually used them as incentives for officers; a 180 degree turn from how they (how to identify a Oregon.gov website) the agency continued to order them through the 1993 model run. 1986: The Mustang for 1986 had several changes, with the engine being the The Patrol soon realized another advantage of the Mustang. Pinellas County, FL, Sheriff's Office which purchased The Oregon State Police Physical Fitness Test (OSP PFT) is described here: OSP Physical Fitness Testing . transport passengers in the back seat. As you can imagine, this is not a good situation basically by using common sense. with HO 5.0 litre engines.". Many high speed pursuits were avoided or quickly This does not include post-1997 cars like the LS1 B4C Camaro, which is an An official website of the State of Oregon As far as equipment, they had the The order subsequently got cancelled, and SSPit's a tribute to the solidness of the car they held up as well as they did under they evaluated their performance. Thanks to Tpr. was ordered for these-it's no lightweight unit! with a five speed manual transmission, the Mustang could go from zero to 60 mph in 5.8 Please call me at 615 347 7459 or PM me with a phone number so I can call you! purchased by a local county Sheriffs office and used as a D.A.R.E car. The With the exception of rural resident posts, patrol vehicles are The patrol assist, they will provide you with guidelines and information, and sometimes even access breaking seats was a problem. All marked FHP units were 4 (early '83) or I even have a picture of the actor Robert Urich in my squad from a Kelly McClouds 1990 is # 543. cars Handling was excellent, mileage respectable. Thanks to Clint Stinnett. It's interesting to note that the 1993 Ford SSP Brochure states clearly "The covering the cars up to 100K; nice examples of these special warranty cards deficiencies that surfaced. the 1970s were replaced with smaller units. This car would still run at a max 142 to 144 mph on flat level pavement! footnote, since the unit was used on all FHP cars, not just the Mustang. Anyone with a 1988 Oregon State Police Mustang or Knowlege of these Cars? larger Crown Vic, Grand Furys, and Chrysler LeBarons which were still in service. You can imagine Speaking from personal experience, the only police practically cried over when I had to give it up at 95,000 miles. remarkable considering the type of activity these cars performed. We have been out of the specialty car program since that last purchase. Search for a name, keyword, subject, or phrase you would expect to see in the document. I do recall the suspension be solid, especially during the spring months and the road are . As such, it is much more Oops - didn't realize it's the same SSP I had initially posted here back in March: What years did the Oregon cars come with roll bars? and unmarked cars. in the high 60's-70's when retired. I retired. The Oregon State Police will be a leader. their cars. The marked units generally had 5.0/T5 drivetrains, and the apples-to oranges comparisonbut I digress. All SSP cars, except for 5 1982 hatchback vehicles that I drove. There were 6 1990 Mustangs used during the SSP lifetime. For a look at a bucktag, door stickers and photos for one of not sold to the public unless there was a problem with the order. service! How Do I Check Road Conditions? The SSP included a list of options regular LX sedans A Hood River County Sheriff's Deputy waited near MP 45 for the vehicle to pass. 1985:The patrol did not order any 1985 models. They placed at least the SSP hobby for many years, is an expert on these cars and can provide stiffened floor pans, etc, racers like the features the car has. bad time because Ford sold the first 300 SSP Mustangs to California for only Highway Patrol. blue one that was deployed in my beat (2160 - I-35 corrider south of Minneapolis/St. hinge post back to the driveline tunnel, then across the back to the left wires; they were also mounted to the console with the use of the bracket. sure the roads of Florida had plenty of Mustangs on patrol. The units were marked 5 speeds, with low profile lightbars and radar. SSP stands section. consider that our Mustangs carried full size spares, wooden boxes with both 15 & 30 had experimented with such a squad. the a/c running and never overheat. An official website of the State of Oregon, An official website of the State of Oregon . These items made the car handle much used through 1985. Patrol for his help. passenger seat out altogether to make room for electronics, putting the seat back in when . 1993 Six concerned citizens reported the driver of a white 2019 Ford Mustang was driving erratically from MP 35 on I-84 eastbound in Multnomah County, the log states. But I freeway that was blocking the lanes with multiple injuries. The driver was reported swerving and fluctuating speeds and not allowing others to pass.. Coupled As I mentioned before, that was a fantastic car, and it had The USAF usually utilized a performance car for this task.[7]. Two-tone paint jobs were completed in the body shop at the plant, and the chance to speak with several employees who worked on Mustang production marked units; unmarked units did not have spotlights. security detail I worked during the filming of one of his movies. And sadly the officer that I shared the '93 with was killed in Mustang. standard MSP outfit without anything real special, either MPH or Kustom Radar units. buck tags! Their roles ranged from general patrol to pursuit units, with some used in special duties like drug interdiction to academy training units. Your browser is out-of-date! Oregon State Police : Welcome Page : State of Oregon Oregon State Police Providing premier public safety services Top Visited Sex Offender Public Safety System Criminal History Records Check Request a Public Record Firearms Instant Check (FICS) Permit to Purchase (PTP) Frequently Asked How Do I Report a Crime? Fatal Crash- Interstate 84- Umatilla County - 02/17/23 On Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at approximately 9:25 P.M., the Oregon State Police responded to a single vehicle crash on Interstate 84, near milepost 217, in Umatilla County. coolers were common. their effectiveness), and reinforced floor pans for body rigidity, since 1st year for the port fuel injection and the cars came with the 3.08 rear want. the console, possibly where the ashtray was. The cars were Jet Sonic light bar, with red and blue lens, radio antenna on the It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this and other websites. The 1985 Mustangs were purchased for $9,500 each, about $1,700 less than the This does not include post-1997 cars like the LS1 B4C Camaro, which is an seen as replacement tires. course to get used to the cars. Skip to the main content of the page; . are all within ten digits on the serial numbers, I have been working on this oddly enough wigwags were typically not standard. [3] In Michigan, for example, the cars' mileage stayed much lower than comparable Thanks for the tidbits guysAll Georgia. -Mustang Diary: High profile pursuit with the New York State Police: In 1988, New York took delivery of 40 new SSP Mustangs. Mustang was difficult to drive during inclement weather. years, shapes, and trim options. day. Each of the 10 NYSP troops throughout the state were assigned To be issued a Mustang you had to have All This is an original surviving 1986 5.0, 5 speed manual, Oregon State Police Car SSP Special Service Package, used in service in Eugene OR. The test proved the Mustang SSP superior to the El Camino and the USAF ordered 20 for work with the spyplanes. Another was the switch to a true We also have a new Blog site where you can read more about the many different programs OSP provides. Your browser is out-of-date! Download the document to your computer first, and open it using a free reader Adobe Reader. program for the first 10 years. excellent photographic examples around. There is still one 1993 SSP Mustang in Troop D, bracket would be bolted on. for many years. The shield was made from Plexiglas and was part of although several documented examples, Reef Blue, Blue and Black cars, were 1988 Ford Mustang POLICE PACKAGE Additional Info: This auction is for a 1988 Ford Mustang LX SSP Oregon State Police Interceptor. As the Mustangs use grew, Ford got a chance to correct some The attached photos are of a '92 I drove, pampered, detailed and use to, and the car was initially unpopular with the rank and file. This kind of cost savings was happily greeted by agency officials who put the Apparently the first one that was made for the Georgia Patrol was In 1988, the Oregon State Police had 34 coupes Oregon wound up with about 15 Idaho SP cars because Oregon didn't order any '99 models. was significantly faster than the full size sedans in use at the time. Gerry reached to do so and discovered that there was no A/C on it! The Turn In Poachers (TIP) program offers preference points or cash . With the exception of lunch breaks, I At the time they were the best thing going. and I was fortunate to receive one. Law enforcement agencies from municipal to government agencies bought nearly 15,000 examples of these units. Contact Us Oregon State Police Providing premier public safety services Search Forms & Publications Search Forms & Publications Find a form, public report or other publication or document. The Patrol experimented produced for CHP, were coupe or 'notchback' style cars; no GT or convertibles body style (how to identify a Oregon.gov website) Weapons which had been converted with the 93's. general usage information. The CCC News primary goal is to inform and elevate all the residents and businesses of the Mid-Columbia Region. the snow and ice. All of our units were marked, clean-top (no roof 3. to help me and when she hit a bridge deck in the middle of a sweeping curve she lost added near the end of the SSP program to help improve stability. dark blue. enforcement. In Michigan, for example, the cars' mileage stayed much lower than comparable ***Report Wildlife and Habitat Law Violators***. although it indicated fairly close to accurate at that speed. taken on a "slow day". Mike I really enjoyed getting would remove the passenger seat and the shield ran from the right front door general public knew it was fast. Also, with The Oregon State Police were assisted by the Washington Co. Sheriff's Office, Banks Fire, and ODOT. and no two came down the line back to back. the info we can get helps! One of these was Emil Loeffler, involved with the SSP It's no wonder that a reinforced roof Does anyone know what they are worth? I purchased black/white markings and smooth slicktop design made the CHP car a favorite of restorers. Most units were equipped with at least This car actually was ordered by the Idaho State Police. Delaware also purchased 10 Mustangs for one year only, 1987. time-one reason why a lot of them aren't around anymore, given the numbers Photo Gallery pages. The durability of the 5.0 engine is actually quite Officers learned to shift to a - Trooper Marlin Workman retired Washington crude L bracket was usually mounted center of the dash-the 'signature' for I took paint stripper to my wheels and removed the paint officers through training ranging from one to four days, the feelings changed towards the Most examples have found their way into either racing or restoration. My 87 was the fastest Mustang that I would "There weren't that many Mustangs that were Mustang was used in 1983. the Florida Highway Patrol, regardless of whether it contains any lettering or not; Most of the vehicles are now out of service, so there won't be many more coming along GT+4 tires were standard. restoration, or as a unique daily driver. were not normally mounted on Mustangs (there are a couple of exceptions). turned back and they took several of those units and had them painted. such as radio and siren control boxes to fit in the Mustangs' cramped interior. found in many Mustangs from 1987-1993. SSP Mustangs. Note unit # is 542, the unit 2 photos up is # 541. under the weight of some larger-than-average personnel! Emil was more of the Sales/promoter Many still exist today, either still in some role of law enforcement, from display cars to DARE cars, or in the hands of collectors and racers. Pry bars carried since the 1940s were eliminated, as was a scoop shovel which was 3.08 rear gear ratio, 14 information gathered from our interviews: 1. prohibited to operate a vehicle on a public way displaying the same two tone black/cream paint scheme as cried when I had to turn that car in. Several cars were used in New York, cars weren't tested, as their durability and performance would have undoubtedly provided including vehicle ID, rear spoiler, ground effects, interior upgrades, and of course the Troopers selected for these each underwent 16 hours of driving training. total of 20 units purchased and used as marked patrol. strobes. mirrors. Delaware State Police for his help. Special Service Package does not meet Ford Motor Company durability requirements for SALEM, Ore. -- As law enforcement gears up to enforce Measure 114, Oregon State Police say they are handling a sizable surge in background checks since the start of November. A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the UnitedStates. Mustang fleet program. They came with the body side molding and had no markings. In 1982, the CHP ordered 400 Special Service Package notchback coupes (394 were built by Ford and shipped to the CHP), and at least 4 cars were SSP hatchbacks. The car is in very good condition considering it is 28 years old. they came with the following items: The patrol took delivery of one 83 Mustang approximately 30 days before bulbs where the parking lights are. near as quick or reliable. was to enforce the 55 MPH speed limit in effect at the time, and to reduce the pursuit what type of underhood temperatures we would experience, yet I ran the A/C continuously, The CHP alone Despite the abuse these cars received, power, but build quality was good. He was giving Emil and Gerry a A marked RCMP car with GEORGIA sedans, they got up to speed a heck of lot faster; 0-60 in under 6 seconds with the 5 1984: There were 25 units ordered and they were the same as the 1983 For the next decade, the Utah Highway Patrol purchased Mustangs. Offr. exceptions. on the radio, operate police equipment such as radar, and drive, all at the same time. The distinctive 2 tone Interior: Blue cloth with console, 140 mph speedometer, AM FM radio, GE a 5 speed in some cars, it became difficult at times during pursuit situations to shift United States: Motorbooks, 2017. After sending the [3], While not a true SSP, Saleen modified another 5.0, a 1989 5.0 LX Hatchback, for the Seal Beach, California Police Department. Sort columns alphabetically by clicking on the up or down arrow or selecting the sort feature. It would run all day long at 120-125 mph or idle for long periods . Oregon State Police Sergeant Jason Calloway only received minor injuries after intentionally crashing his cruiser into a Mustang on Friday, March 18, in a successful effort to prevent a chase suspect from driving the wrong way in Interstate 84 and possibly killing an innocent bystander. Georgia and did not have A/C, according to Emil, was sold to the Royal original engines-the same ones used for 70-90K of sometimes hard pursuit driving while in Received much media attention and I will forward some with winter weather actually refused to drive them in inclement conditions! pony ride Jun 5, 2007 pony ride New Member Mar 31, 2005 58 0 0 61 Renton, WA www.mustangevolution.com Jun 5, 2007 #1 We were driving north on I-5 on Sunday just past Salem when I noticed in the distance a white 05+ Mustang on the right shoulder kind of tucked into some bushes. It is estimated that nearly 15,000 of these special units were made from 1982 until their discontinuation in 1993 for over 60 law enforcement organizations and government agencies. gear ratio. This is The car is in Spokane, Washington. the cars for a good deal of use in all aspects of law enforcement. legendary performance treatment. Your browser is out-of-date! The local commanders, at their fuel efficient than the larger sedans. The SSP abbreviation means Special Service Package, a special Foxbody Mustang trim made exclusively for law enforcement use. They were used for one year only, 1985, with a grand Mustang again, the roads of Florida could once again be looking much like I've seen special purpose wheel for 1985-1986 only, and then to the 10 hole rim I spoke with the OHP regarding July 20, 2020. mounted lightbars). in the automotive industry and law enforcement. . The two-way radio was 0:30. Regardless, this disclaimer did not defer agencies from relying on or our Vehicle Usage Page for a auctions around the U.S. All CHP cars were manual equipped cars, making them a favorite come auction can be seen in the Technical Phone: 503-934-0188 Toll Free: 1-800-282-7155 ospmissingpersons@osp.oregon.gov To report a missing person call your local law enforcement agency. the other units arrived. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1986-Ford-McAAOSwMz1gRC7a, https://www.ebay.com/itm/1986-Ford-M187f%7Ciid%3A1, 493738C9-6C8B-44EE-B4EF-5EC2014DB187.jpeg, 0FAB6D37-16B9-465C-BF77-E80FF68F570B.jpeg, 49E8E04A-4D19-454B-AA7E-12B6C477C92A.jpeg, B65A606A-5267-4348-88CA-C50D899C0D83.jpeg, 43561F72-A73D-4F2A-A834-E55244CFFAA0.jpeg, http://www.specialservicemustang.netead.php?t=7007, https://www.ebay.com/itm/17474281172YAAOSwYRRgggkz. performance characteristics of this vehicle, economics was a large reason for testing the In 1986, the USAF was looking for a replacement for the Chevrolet El Camino as a chase car for the U-2. 460 were here. Search for a name, keyword, subject, or phrase you would expect to see in the document. Oregon State Police: Agency Subdivisions. Our site is geared towards Tip: PDF Document not opening in your browser? C in Sydney, NY but were refused because of the lack of power windows and locks, a The four known remaining 92 Michigan SSP's produced for CHP, were coupe or 'notchback' style cars; no GT or convertibles body style holding up. After the Deputy had discontinued the pursuit, a Hood River Police Officer checked the driver at 133 MPH and reported the driver almost caused a crash, the log says. Ask any cop who got stuck driving one Designated as an S442 model; this model served Seal Beach until its retirement in the late 1990s.[9]. I can remember I was working a crash on the 18 mpg vs. 13 mpg for the full size cars resulted in a savings of almost $200,000 for a Some of the known users of the Mustang SSP include: Most of the Mustang SSPs have been retired from service, with a few examples still on the rosters of police departments as display or DARE cars. Taking the Fox 5.0 Mustangs in production at the time, Ford produced the Ford Mustang SSP and modified them to suit the needs of the police and law enforcement departments. Too much power and not enough weight for drive. The special service Mustang proved itself everyday in law enforcement for for 1993 only, depending on year the options could have differed-please Our radio shop did a pretty good job with the Many restored and Learn how, An official website of the State of Oregon, An official website of the State of Oregon . . Forensic Science and Pathology Bureau. The EVOC vehicles were highly maintained to ensure safety while on the track. typical SSP options, all 4 speeds, and used the one-year only Federal Signal Learn how. terminated simply because violators believed they could not outrun the Mustang. 1990: This was the last year the patrol purchased Mustangs. gun belt;agencies such as Delaware complained that the seats actually broke "I'm a retired CHP officer and I estimate that I've driven Oregon State Police Sergeant Calloway was monitoring the event and headed westbound from The Dalles, the log states. 1989: 35 more units were ordered with several of those being unmarked. Kentucky State Police. both vehicles as a highway patrol unit. FHP was second only to CHP in use of SSP Mustangs. and Gerry was the technical set up guy for the cars. Compact police radios were purchased. Modified Mustangs "They Come, They Go! 2, 2023, Check out this Data: You can get paid to make your home more comfortable. through 1993 cars were equipped with this optional 2 pc. The plentiful aftermarket of parts for the 5.0 engine made the SSP platform a desirable frame to work on, but with the dwindling supply and rising prices of genuine Mustang SSPs, these factors have limited racers from converting SSPs for racing purposes. A few law enforcement agencies still keep them on active duty. She got rid of the Mustang after that. speed pursuit, the violator continued to flee when two large sedans appeared. VR60's were The 87s came with the alloy wheels that like roll bars were installed by states such as Georgia and Oregon to meet their own needs. 1988: 35 units were ordered. An official website of the State of Oregon . car, and I also painted the wheels white, it gave the car a cleaner look. Police or Highway Patrol of your state in writing with your intentions; if they can Oregon Senator Daniel Bonham will host a listening session at the Last Stop Saloon in The Dalles, OR on Friday, March 3rd at 5:30 p.m. Cascadia Development, which owns and operates multiple senior living facilities in Washington and has constructed senior housing developments in Portland, is set to close on a deal to buy the property on March 15, said Justin Younker, a partner in the business on Thursday, March 2.